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I'm a Francophile; I've been to France seven times. Love Europe. Went on a spring trip in 2013 to Spain and France with a side trip to Venice. Froze our butts off. Coldest spring on record in Paris in decades. Love to see new things around the corner. Love architecture, birds, flowers. Walking. So thankful I have a husband who is as crazy about traveling as I am. We like to rotate serious, hard work travel with lazy vacations in beach/snorkeling locations: Turks and Caicos, Puerto Vallarta and Cozumel. Traveling and seeing the world is our goal. We'll likely retire as ex-pats somewhere.... Turkey is our next goal. While researching for that trip, I came across this site which has re-kindled our desire for a round-the-world escapade.

RTW Year: 2016
Age: 66
Current City: Vancouver, Washington
Favorite countries: France,
Favorite cities: Paris, France, Barcelona, Spain, Malaga, Spain, Avignon, France, Arles, France, Funchal, Portugal, Victoria, British Columbia, Rouen, France,
Traveled: couple
I'm looking for: RTW trip planning help,
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Trishia Jacobs' Round the World Itinerary

There are places I want to return to time and again (Europe) but there are places that I think I would be satisfied visiting just ONCE. And that is what I thought the RTW trip would be good for. I would appreciate anyone's suggestions. In particular, the hubby and I love architecture. So, for example, visiting Al Khazneh in Petra in Jordan. In general, desert landscapes do not appeal to me at all. But I'd like to see this temple. Perhaps I could use Unesco World Sites as a guide??