Tammy and Aaron Oesting

Lifelong travelers Tammy and Aaron decided to attempt circumnavigating after two previous attempts. Their motto is to live more intentionally, and be open to the possibilities the world has to offer. Selling their home, cars and belongings and buying a motorhome in the Netherlands has enabled them to pursue this dream. Aaron is a librarian and Tammy is a Montessori teacher and they currently spend their time wandering, meeting new people, writing and photographing their adventures.

RTW Year: 2014
Age: 7
Favorite countries: Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, USA, Brazil, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Nepal, Morocco,
Favorite cities: Fez, Morocco,
Traveled: couple
Budget: $50
I'm looking for: travel inspiration,
I can help you with: RTW planning, Liquidating your life at home, Inspiration, Experience on 6 continents

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