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I am a dreamer. I love new experiences, trying new things; being mentality stimulated and I am genuinely interested in people. I love writing and I got lucky, I am writing every day in my current career. I am many things. Above all, I am a workaholic. I am a workaholic and I rarely take risks. I recently got a job writing investigative reports for criminal court six months after I completed my Bachelor’s Degree. Even though I got the career that I wanted; I feel sad that I am not pursuing my travel goals. I recently made contact with my friend in Ecuador and I asked to work for him. I won't be making much money and it is the opposite of the stable life that I built for myself. This scares me and excites me at the same time.

RTW Year: 2015
Age: 33
Current City: Saint Paul, Minnesota
Favorite countries: USA,
Favorite cities: Manhattan, New York,
Traveled: solo
Budget: $4
I'm looking for: RTW trip planning help, RTW trip planning help, RTW trip planning help,
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