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Russ & Asia Nichols

Just another travel story right? Wrong! Okay, maybe a little. After having more than their fair share of marital surprises and setbacks, Russ and Asia decided to try flipping the norms on the whole marriage thing. Opposed to the idea of "settling down," the California couple agreed to put the house, rugrats and minivan on the back burner and got rid of all their belongings--jobs included--to travel the world, starting with Southeast Asia. They started their trip in November 2011, and write Mars/Venus perspectives on their blog.

RTW Year: 2011
Age: 39
Current City: Hue, Vietnam
Favorite countries: Indonesia,
Favorite cities: Hue, Vietnam,
Traveled: couple
Budget: $10000
I'm looking for: travel inspiration,
I can help you with: Ways to prepare, budget tips, hidden gems with interesting backstories, places to stay, other SE Asia travel advice

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Russ & Asia Nichols' Round the World Itinerary