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I officially caught the travel bug two years ago and have been travelling as widely as possible ever since while attending uni full time & keeping to a student budget. I am a huge fan of solo travel & am proud I can say I have been to 6 of the 7 continents (Antarctica, I'm coming for you!). Headed to Amsterdam in 2014 for a term abroad and anticipate lots of European adventures whilst there. So far I have travelled around Canada/US, Australia, Western Europe, southern Africa, Peru, the Caribbean, the Philippines & South Korea. After Amsterdam (and some fund-saving work in North America) I want to head to SE Asia & India!

RTW Year: 2014
Age: 30
Current City: Toronto, Ontario
Favorite countries: South Africa, Canada, England, Australia, Monaco,
Favorite cities: London, England, Cape Town, South Africa, Sydney, New South Wales, Vancouver, British Columbia, Nice, France,
Traveled: solo
I'm looking for: RTW trip planning help,
I can help you with: Solo female travel, student travel, budget travel

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