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New world overlanders. 38,000 km driven across U.S, Mexico and Central America. We are Nastaja and Michael Ferreira and we have just completed our very first long haul vacation or year-cation as I like to call it. After fixing up our 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser and postponing our lives in Calgary, we started driving south. We took the West coast down through the United States and Mexico. We ventures into Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Belize and Panama, where we enjoyed deserted beaches, amazing sunsets and thick tropical jungle. We wanted to do something unique, so we stashed our truck and flew down to South America. We backpacked Peru, Columbia, Chile and Bolivia. The highlights were visiting the salt flats in Bolivia, the ancient ruins of Peru and amazon jungle in Columbia. Next Michael and I flew back to our truck in Central America and started making our way North for the first time in 10 months. We drove the East coast of Mexico and the U.S and got to visit iconic cities like New Orleans and Boston. To finish off our grand adventure we choose to do what many Canadians dream of, visiting the East coast provinces. We drove through all the maritime provinces, and even ferried out to Newfoundland. Almost one year to the day we had left, we arrived back home, changed forever. Now we have time to reflect on our journey and internalize how it has impacted us. But the biggest question remains, What adventures next!?

RTW Year: 2011
Age: 38
Current City: Calgary, Alberta
Favorite countries: Guatemala,
Favorite cities: Cusco, Peru,
Traveled: couple
Budget: $15000
I can help you with: off the beaten path hot spots

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