63 year old female foodie who travels solo in order to eat cheaply and with no regrets. I have been doing so since the age of 12 and will continue to do so as long as I can read and walk. I see myself traveling for at least another 20 years . My son is leaving home on
Thursday and I can't wait to be free to travel for longer periods of time and most definitely RTW.
I just return from Hungary, Romania and Slovakia and it was aside from the cold a very eye opening experience. I went through one of those "why do I do these?" moments to find myself reading about the Stans and the Balkan nations just to think that I can't wait to leave again.

RTW Year: 2015
Age: 73
Favorite countries: Mexico,
Favorite cities: Mexico City, Mexico,
Traveled: solo
Budget: $10000
I can help you with: Female solo travel anywhere.

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