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a san francisco bay area couple taking a career break. we've been together for nearly twenty years and from day one, we talked about travel. neither of us had any money on day one, of course, but in the back of our minds it went something like this: "if this works out... we're going places. we're going many places." we're not escaping corporate culture, in fact we love our life back home, but one day of travel is better than any day of work, let's be honest. so we rented our home, quit our jobs and headed out with no fixed schedule or come home date. kinda scary, but scary in a very fun way. we're now trying to figure out a way to extend our time on the road. it's a slippery slope!

RTW Year: 2011
Age: 59
Current City: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Favorite countries: Myanmar,
Favorite cities: Budapest, Hungary,
Traveled: couple
Budget: $60
I'm looking for: travel inspiration, RTW trip planning help,
I can help you with: RTW Advice, Convincing you to Go & Guitar Lessons over Skype. :)

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