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I have some travel challenges. I have Thyroid Disease, Kidney Failure and a fresh diagnosis of Cancer. I need to be close to hospitals and doctors so I can be monitored. I need to have access to pharmacies where I can get my medications. This presents a bit of a planning challenge.

I am embarking on a Celebration of Life Tour. I can sit at home and cry...or...I can take off, travel and enjoy what time I have left.

I have been to 27 countries in the past. I lived abroad once. I used to live in India because I married a South Indian man.

I am NOT done yet!

I plan to concentrate on South East Asia as I have been to Europe in the past. I have only been to India and Hong Kong in Asia so far. I wish to see more of Asia. I need to travel cheaply due to I have medical bills I need to take care of.

I am certified for SCUBA Diving. I wish to do some diving and snorkeling. I am unable to trek due to the Edema brought on by the Kidney Failure / Renal Failure. A lot of walking or standing is painful for me, so trekking is just not possible anymore.

I enjoy history, art, architecture, ruins, palaces, temples, monuments, cathedrals, archeology, museums, art, art galleries, art walks, native dance performances, music, people watching, boating, SCUBA Diving, snorkeling, the ocean and more. I don't have a problem with motion sickness and have been on a boat in a typhoon (hurricane) so I don't have problems with motion sickness at all.

For food I enjoy the following kinds of food (no particular order): Thai, Korean, Persian, Greek, Indian, Vietnamese and fruit. I love fruit. Watermelon is my favorite food.

I plan to visit as many locations as my health will allow. I am going to move slowly sometimes staying in one spot for a month and renting an apartment. I can't move fast anymore due to my health concerns.

The locations I wish to visit are: Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Myanmar/Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and possibly Brunei. Lower down on my interest list is: Nepal, Tibet and India again. No Nepalese I have known has ever said Nepal is awesome, but I am interested in going there.

RTW Year: 2014
Age: 59
Current City: Westminster, California
Favorite countries: Finland, Greece,
Favorite cities: Berlin, Germany, Los Angeles, California, Laguna Beach, California, Huntington Beach, California,
Traveled: solo
I'm looking for: RTW trip planning help,
I can help you with: Southern California

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