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David Goodman

I started travelling in my teens, first with my family, and caught the bug when I flew across Australia on my own, age 12, to stay with my uncle. Since then I've gone through fits and starts of longer travel, including two months in Eastern Europe, teaching English in Romania, another two month stint in East Africa, plus numerous shorter trips to Western European countries. Now I'm married to an American and enjoying showing her the benefits of living in a city which is a travel hub for much of the world.

I was a member of BootsNAll back in the day, and used it to plan my trip around Eastern Europe (this would have been around 1999 - 2000). That membership lapsed ages ago, but I'd like to rejoin to both share my own tips and knowledge and connect with other people in navigating the change from shoestring budget backpacking for whole summers to the world of travelling while still holding down a job, sabbaticals and exploring little-known corners of Europe. I'm especially interested in finding out about and talking about rail travel.

RTW Year: 2016
Age: 42
Current City: Edinburgh, Scotland
Favorite countries: Romania, France,
Favorite cities: Paris, France, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania,
Traveled: couple
I can help you with: Scotland, travel advice

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