Cory Muldoon and Laura Mullkoff

We are almost finished with our trip around the world and Eastern United States - Guatemala - Bolivia - Peru - Ecuador - New Zealand - Thailand - Cambodia - Nepal - Turkey - Hungary - Slovenia - Italy - Spain - France - UK - Ireland - Western United States. We love food and people.
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RTW Year: 2012
Age: 9
Current City: Tuscany, Italy
Favorite countries: Bolivia, Italy, Nepal,
Favorite cities: Istanbul, Turkey, Lima, Peru, Wellington, New Zealand, Bangkok, Thailand, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Manarola, Italy, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala,
Traveled: couple
I'm looking for: travel inspiration,
I can help you with: place to stay in Chicago after September 2013

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Cory Muldoon and Laura Mullkoff's Round the World Itinerary