Carina Wetzlhutter

winter & snow enthusiast

loves hipster parts of cities, hiking off the tourist sites and to finding awesome sushi places

In my mind a dedication to traveling contributes to happiness.
I love taking the path less-traveled and putting my route together with the help of a lot of insider tips from like-minded travelers. AND I love helping others to create their dream journey.

-- remember to explore --

RTW Year: 2015
Age: 31
Current City: Vienna, Austria
Favorite countries: Canada, Peru, Finland,
Favorite cities: Tampere, Finland, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Saint Petersburg, Russia, Chicago, Illinois,
Traveled: solo
I'm looking for: travel inspiration,
I can help you with: Russia (Transsiberian Railway Trip), Hiking in Finland, Austria (all over the place), how to learn basic language skills really quickly

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