Brittany and Sean

Brittany, a scientist rocking the whole "smart is sexy" vibe and Sean, a guy languishing in IT, met while pursuing their love of skydiving. Brittany had planned the trip for a few years, with a significant amount of travel under her belt. Sean is nearly as impulsive as he is tall and simply thought it was a great idea. So, they set off on the trip of a lifetime in April of 2012.

RTW Year: 2012
Age: 39
Current City: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Favorite countries: Vietnam,
Favorite cities: Nha Trang, Vietnam,
Traveled: couple
Budget: $25000
I'm looking for: travel inspiration,
I can help you with: What to expect being a foot taller than everyone else in almost every country

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Brittany and Sean's Round the World Itinerary