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A Solo Traveler

Began traveling late in life and I have not stopped since 1999. From that very first international trip to Jerusalem, I have been back two times. My last International trip was from Seattle to London to Istanbul, Selcuk, Ephesus, Belgrade, Rome, Israel, Warsaw, Chicago and home to Seattle. I was gone for almost a month and had the time of my life. I will say that it was a bit challenging remembering all those flights, buses, Trams and Taxis but I did it though I did miss a flight and had to rebook. (the plane was still on the ground but they would not let me check in). So many memories and one that sticks out the most is the little Turkish woman in Selcuk who ran the Kebab House with her son. Every day when I passed by, she would smile and wave at me. I did eat at her place and she would even add little extras to my plate. The last night there, I stopped and sat down and she pushed the little saucer of Sun -Flower Seeds my way, not saying a word, (she did not speak English and I did not speak any Turkey) but that did not appear to be a problem for either of us. We just smiled and kept on spitting out the shells of the Sun-Flower Seeds. It is moments like those that causes Travel to Move Me.

RTW Year: 2011
Age: 74
Current City: Seattle, Washington
Favorite countries: Turkey, Italy, Israel, Mexico,
Favorite cities: Istanbul, Turkey, Mexico City, Mexico,
Traveled: solo
Budget: $3000
I'm looking for: travel partner,
I can help you with: Tips: Travel light with only one carry-on and a foldable tote to carry some goodies home or mail them home to save space. Choose only 2-3 colors to mix and match.

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