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From as far as I can remember, I've always had an itch, yes... possibly due to my eczema condition, but I believe more so, an itch that would keep my feet walking across the globe from the first time I laid my hands on a pen and paper and a camera. As a youngster my mind was occupied by fairy-tales of enchanted places. It was soon after I had left school that I realized that I was probably never going to settle in one place and that a nomadic lifestyle was inevitable.

My love for writing and photography merged a beautiful relationship between the world and all its sights and sounds. The places, people, wildlife, cultures and heritages became synonymous with the ink that flowed onto paper. The images captured with my camera provided delightful insight the the world I call my own.

As years went on, my urge to move more, see more, experience more and live more grew increasingly as the number of countries, cities, cultures and places I racked up traversing the globe.

Today, I attempt to lead a simple life... Eat nutritional and good food. Pray to higher power, for those I care for and those I don't. To love wholeheartedly and unconditionally. To travel as far and wide as what life could take me. To discard excess baggage - in all forms. To live completely and not harm a soul or being. But most of all, to share what I have seen...

To date, I've been fortunate to have visited more than 36 countries, and yet it seems but a fraction of what the world holds. Most recently, in March and April 2013, I took one of the most epic journeys; from Moscow across Siberia, the infamous Gobi, the Mongolian plateau and onto the Great Wall of China.

Join me by following my blog as I let you into my world of a being "aNomad4Life"

RTW Year: 2014
Age: 44
Current City: Cape Town, South Africa
Favorite countries: Russia,
Favorite cities: Nairobi, Kenya,
Traveled: solo
I'm looking for: travel partner,
I can help you with: Travel advise, here there and everywhere!

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