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I'm Alice! That's me on the right. And that mop-topped beauty on the left is my partner, Katie. We've been scurrying our way through the Hollywood maze for the last eleven years and, even though we feel happy in our lives, a little voice keeps nagging us, asking "What now?"

Well, get ready little voice, because we're about to shake things up!

We're rolling up our tent and hitting the road. Our destination: The World. We'll be traveling here, there, and everywhere for an entire year with nothing but the packs on our backs. We're excited, nervous, scared...a little of everything, but the important thing is we feel ALIVE. Life's too short for anything less.

We hope you jump down the rabbit hole with us and follow along on our journey at We have no jobs, no end date, and no idea what in the hell we're doing, so it's bound to Yeah, I'd say that's a sure bet.

RTW Year: 2013
Age: 44
Current City: Cusco, Peru
Favorite countries: New Zealand,
Favorite cities: Auckland, New Zealand,
Traveled: couple
I can help you with: travel for couples, travel for gays & lesbians, travel in New Zealand

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