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Hey there! I'm Tony. That's me with the dumb grin. I'm a free-spirited backpacking addict, beer lover, and bacon enthusiast. I've survived life threatening paper cuts that would down lesser men. My special power is getting drunk with incredible skill and efficiency. I live with my head in the clouds, and make plans by the seat of my butt. I've been told I see the world through innocent eyes. I've travel throughout the world but have never done a round the world trip. Now, I'm ready to test the limits of my sanity and work towards making that dream a reality. I plan to see 4 continents, 15 countries and 60+ cities over the course of 13 months. I'll be sampling local beers every step of the way.
Ambitious? Possibly...
Crazy? Absolutely!
Impossible? NEVER!

RTW Year: 2015
Age: 41
Current City: Vancouver, British Columbia
Favorite countries: Germany, Vietnam, Turkey,
Favorite cities: Oia, Greece, Berlin, Germany, Marrakech, Morocco,
Traveled: solo
I'm looking for: RTW trip planning help,
I can help you with: Travel advice throughout Canada, Solo travel advice, Saving money while traveling, travel hacking, Couchsurfing, Inspiration.

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