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I'm 28 years-young hailing all the way from Toronto, Canada.
I'm going through a late 20's life crisis.
I'm an IT professional whom has worked in IT banking industry most of my adult life, starting when I was 17.
I have only two hobbies: Guitar, Filming, Video-games, comedy, and learning how to get better at counting.
I bought a Go-Pro at the start of the year and have been having fun making videos since I started (like here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here)
I own a cow costume that for some reason keeps on making its way on when I go out.
Lastly and most importantly, I have a bucket-list, which includes traveling around the world for a year, causing a ruckus everywhere I go, sharing it with the people I'm with and posting it to strangers on the intar-webs via blogs, photos, songs, tweets and videos. This bucket-list of shenanigans will be shared & crowd-sourced with you, my dear readers as I travel.

RTW Year: 2013
Age: 30
Current City: Toronto, Ontario
Favorite countries: Mexico,
Favorite cities: Honolulu, Hawaii,
Traveled: solo
Budget: $25000
I'm looking for: travel partner, travel partner,
I can help you with:

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